Thanksgiving Craft Roundup

Many Thanksgiving celebrations include the infamous “Kids Table,” where the children of the family all sit together. I remember thinking it was fun growing up, but also how I felt like such a grown up when I moved to the adult table. Though mainly that was because more, younger, children were added to the family…

We’re hosting a pretty small Thanksgiving dinner for some friends this year – there will be 6 adults and 1 child. And that 7-year-old boy tends to find my house pretty boring, with its lack of Legos. Sadly he’ll have no kid’s table to enjoy, since he’s our only younger guest. So, I’ve been thinking that a nice activity will help keep him entertained and having a great time. A roundup of some of the ideas I’m loving:
Thanksgiving Craft Roundup- Messy Options

“Thumbprint” Turkeys using ink pads: 1. Cards by CG, 2. Spoonful (found via here and here)
Paint Handprint Turkeys: 3. Spoonful, 4. Share & Remember

Thanksgiving Craft Roundup- Paper Crafts

Paper-Strip Pumpkins: 5. Come Together Kids, 6. Martha Stewart
Turkey Cups: 7. Happy Clippings

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