You Blow Me Away, Valentine!

Valentine Printable for Bubbles or Gum


Picking out and bringing valentines into my classroom was one of my favorite elementary school traditions… and of course it was great to get a bunch in return! It included all the fun of getting a letter in the mail but with instant gratification of getting a gift.

I came across these adorable bubble wands in Target and thought they would be perfect for a candy-free valentine, so I created this FREE Printable to go with them (download at the bottom of the post). Though really, the printable would be cute with gum too (to keep the ‘blow’ theme)!

Once you have the Printable downloaded, you can use Adobe Reader to complete the provided fields. Or have your kiddo write in the responses by hand. Depending on the writing abilities in question, you can do a mixture of the two (perhaps type in everything but their name, to sign by hand?!).

Valentine Printable Fields

Each sheet will produce 4 Valentines. After cutting, just punch two side-by-side holes on the left-hand side of the valentine. Thread a ribbon through the holes, then secure the bubbles or treat with a bow.

Valentine Printable

Your valentines are now ready to be handed out! Download the FREE .pdf printable file here.

Note: these printables are for personal use only – please do not alter or distribute.

Valentine Printable

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  1. Keri

    Thank you so much for sharing your creative talent and thoughtfulness. I LOVE that I can personalize this for my students.

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